About Us

We support organizations in the construction, manufacturing, and government sectors. We possess knowledge and understanding of the needs of these organizations and can provide temporary employees quickly and efficiently. Kapital Workforce Staffing (KWS) collaborates with other staffing agencies in some instances. With KWS’ experienced staff, the company will provide quality employees for its clients. Additionally, KWS offers competitive benefits packages and enjoyable work environments for its workers.

HUBZone Certified • CMBL Approved • Minority-Owned


Kapital Workforce Staffing is here to provide organization, procedures, and protocols to increase safety and productivity with diversity & inclusion in leadership. We are dedicated to use our expertise support our professionals with meeting deadlines while increasing profit.

Success for KWS is being committed to creating great opportunities for the company and its employees.


We continuously strive to produce qualified, safety-driven, and ethical professional for projects. We are dedicated to serving our customers and community with the highest level of service, knowledge, honesty and integrity.


Respect • Trust • Integrity

Commitment • Professionalism

Meet Kevin Bell

Our founder, Kevin Bell’s, journey in supervision and leadership started in 2001 with expertise in motivating professionals to meet essential deadlines. He has managed teams exceeding 270 personnel using effective coaching strategies and clear communication to preside over inventory, time, and productivity with structured expectations that reduced waste. In reducing waste Kevin has increased profits by approximately 15%, including at least 11% during a global pandemic. He has held leadership roles in various sectors such as Butylithium Batch Operation, Continuous Chemical Operation, Industrial Oil & Gas, Commercial Manufacturing, Mechanical Commissioning, and Mechanical Piping. Kevin has been established in overseeing industrial/commercial large-scale building projects and programs with time, budget, and schedule constraints.

Kevin is a results-driven and accomplished professional with a robust success record in project oversight and supervision. In addition, Kevin has demonstrated exceptional competencies in establishing innovative solutions for safe, economic, and efficient projects. He is versatile and adaptive to working in different environments and adept at using interpersonal skills, including conflict management, communication, and negotiation abilities, to achieve extraordinary results.

Kevin earned his bachelor’s degree at Prairie View A&M University, later he earned his MBA in project management from Northcentral University.